Top Angular 10 Features

1. Addition of Dependency Injection

It has added the information for the dependency and also regarding the ng-content selections for the data. It helps in wrapping the ng content selections and can help in checking files by creating scripts and using various interfaces.

2. Performance Improvement

Improving performances can be done by a reduction in the size of the manifest named “entry point,” and also the manifest’s caching utility.

3. Propagation of Correct Value Span

This feature in the Angular 10 assures the propagation of the actual value span using “ExpressionBinding,” present in the micro syntax of the ParsedProperty entity.

4. Fix for Service Worker

For a newly made developer, there is a fix for a situation that may arise in which there might be a chance that the developer forgets and never does the registration about the task running for the more extended period and also for the recursive timeouts.

5. Bug Fixes

Multiple amounts of bug fixes are done, which includes the avoid of the unidentified instances of the array in the compiler, and the error caused due to migration when the symbol does not exist is called. Also, the “Terser Inlining Bug” has been resolved in this version of Angular.

6. Compiler Interface

The wrapping of the actual NGTSC compiler is being implemented in Angular 10.

7. Addition of EntryPointFinder

As the name suggests, the EntryPointFinder is a program based module used to find the entry points, which is added and can also be included from the imports specified in the program, mentioned by the tsjconfig.json file.

8. Generic with ModuleWithProviders

The use of generic keywords has been made mandatory with the ModuleWithProviders in this version of Angular 10.

9. Introduction to TypeScript 3.9

According to the reports released by the AngularJS development team, removal of the support for TypeScript 3.8 has been done, and Angular 10 has now introduced TypeScript 3.9 as its latest feature.

10. Merging of Multiple Transition File

Following the convention, earlier, it was possible to merge only one translation file per program.

11. Async Locking Timeout

Configuration of async locking timeouts is still possible, which may add support to the ngcc.config.js file, setting the retry attempts and retry delays in the AsyncLocker.

12. Improvement of NGCC Performance

For the Improvement in the performance of the NGCC compiler, there is an activation of reporting stale locked file.

13. Change in Angular NPM

To support the advanced optimizations of the Closure Compiler, Angular NPM now does not contain jsdoc comments.

14. Resolver can return EMPTY

This feature helps in exiting the navigation. What you need to do is to define a resolver that returns empty.

15. Warning About Unknown Facts are Errors

If any of the facts of the Angular 10 remain unknown, and a warning comes up at the time of the execution, then these are the errors.



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