My interview

3 min readApr 5, 2021

Q: Describe yourself?

I am very disciplined and hard worker. I always try to go above and beyond what I work on.

Q: What do you do for work?

I work as a Software Engineer. I have deep interest in solving complex problems. Staying up to date on technology. Continuous learning is something I try to accomplish as much as possible.

Q: How did you become Software Engineer?

A: I always wanted to be a Software Engineer. I could always understand logic involved in writing computer programs. So I studied Computer Science. I took professional certifications in Java. Java certified professional developer, and Java Enterprise Architect. Becoming a Software Engineer is not a sprint, its a marathon. Meaning its a continuous learning process.

Q: What do you like to read?


I like reading different books, on different topics.

I take interest in learning about history.

I take interest in learning about self improvement books.

Since my work is related to Finance, I have read more than few books on Stocks and Trading.

Learning Technology related to Software Engineering, Data Science and Cloud Computing and Blockchain.

Last but not the least Islamic education books.

Q: How are you able to do all the things

Q: How can you find time to read about so much?

A: Good question.. no I don’t read all those books daily. Those are books I have read over significant amount of time. I usually stick to one particular topic for few months, try to learn as much than moving on to something different. For example, around 2018 when everyone was talking about bitcoin and blockchain and it was surging. I really wanted to understand how it works, so I started studying blockchain and my company was looking at implementing blockchain and I did a basic proof of concept of a basic blockchain.

Q: Do you have addictions?

Yes I do have addictions.

Q: What kind of addictions

You know the most basic one’s our entire youth is facing..

Q: Do you have post traumatic stress disorder?


Q: Are you perfect?


Q: How are you trying to get rid of addictions?

Meditation. I have been doing meditation for last two three years. I has helped me a lot. I was in much worse state at the point in my life. I have improved immensely. I could not stop thinking about a particular thing, I would just get buried under one particular topic forever. I couldn’t remember anything.

Meditation is giving extreme focus on your brain. Which helps doing alot of things.

Q: What do you like doing in free time?

I like working out. I like playing tennis. I like to read and learn. I like to enjoy life as well with friends and family.

I like traveling exploring new places. Trying new foods.

I like to have deep and meaningful conversations.

Q: Define Happiness for you?

Happiness for me starts with appearance. I like to look good, feel good, i.e. good health.

Q: What kind of people you are interested in?

I like lively people who are who can light up the room? One’s who are happy with their life and don’t expect others to keep them happy.

I like people who aim high.

I like people who don’t just like to aim high but also are on the right path.

I like people who are good nature and don’t treat others badly.

I like people who make people aim high.

Q: What are the lessons learned from my trip to Pakistan?

Stand up for myself.

Don’t expect others to do anything for you.

Q: What is the history of you learning things the hard way.

I learned to stand up for myself the hard way, by losing a dozen women.

I learned to work hard the hard way. By not getting a job out of school.

Q: Is there any lesson that can be learned which will make me want to learn things when there is a necessity, rather than after I lose things with it.