Affirmations (Sleep time)

2 min readMay 21, 2021

I am truly grateful for today. I did all of my work with full heart and mind

I am totally satisficed with whatever new things I learned today.

My body, my mind, my soul, are fully calm

My day today, was better than yesterday, and the coming day will be even better than today

I have no worries, no fears, no bonds, no limits

I am free of all contradictions

This whole universe is helping me become a better person

I learn something new everyday, and I am truly grateful, for whatever I learned today. And fully prepared to learn something new tomorrow

I am different from everyone else, my situation is different from everyone else, so I cannot be compared with anyone else.

I am not just this body, I am a whole universe, and all the powers I have, I don’t have to seek out from anywhere, they are within me.

I am getting rid of all the bad things within me, and I am filled with happiness.

I am able to listen to my inner voice and I can feel calmness within me.

I am fully confident that whatever challenges I am facing today, will be reason for my success tomorrow.

When I breath in, I get filled with positive affirmative thoughts, and when breathing out I feel negative thoughts leaving my body.

I truly believe that only good things happens to me.

I like spending time with me, listening/understanding my inner voice, and planning my life’s goals, according to my inner voice.

I truly have love for everyone, and everyone has love for me.

I forgive anyone who has wronged me either knowingly or unknowingly, in the past, wholeheartedly, and I don’t have any complains for anyone.

I forgive myself for any mistakes I have made in the past.

My focus is not on yesterday, but on coming day.

I am fully prepared to meet my goals .

I am truly grateful, for whatever I have achieved in my life and I am grateful to all the people who standing with me today.

I truly believe that whatever happen tomorrow, will be for the best.

Everyone wishes well on me and I wish well on to everyone.

My heart has love and compassion for everyone.

My heart prays for well being and health of everyone else.

I wish for everyone’s life be filled with joy.

I am distancing myself of every bad though and trouble and going to sleep. Tomorrow morning will be beginning of my life again and I will wake up with a new hope.

My body, my mind and my soul is totally calm.