Every morning, when I listen, look at or think of nice things, chances of my day getting better increase by alot.

And when day by day, my days go by in good fashion, my life improves.

I welcome today, with my whole heart.

Todays day will be the first day of my life

I have full belief that today’s day will be one of the best days of my life.

I am fully satsfied today, I have belief that something will happen today, that has never happened before.

I will learn, listen, look, think and become something new.

I forgive…

I am truly grateful for today. I did all of my work with full heart and mind

I am totally satisficed with whatever new things I learned today.

My body, my mind, my soul, are fully calm

My day today, was better than yesterday, and the coming day will be even better than today

I have no worries, no fears, no bonds, no limits

I am free of all contradictions

This whole universe is helping me become a better person

I learn something new everyday, and I am truly grateful, for whatever I learned today. …

Ivy Everywhere

Deprecating view engine. It will be removed in future major release.

Current libraries using view Engine will still work with Ivy apps (no work is required by developers), but library authors should start planning to transition to Ivy.

Nullish Coalescing:

The nullish coalescing operator (??) has been helping developers write cleaner code in TypeScript classes for a while now. This will be part of angular templates starting from v12!

Now, in templates, developers can use the new syntax to simply complex conditionals. For example


Primary Key: A single column value used to identify a database record uniquely. (It cannot be null, value must be unique, should rarely be changed, given a value when new record is inserted).

Composite Key: A composite key is a primary key composed of multiple columns used to identify a record uniquely.

Foreign Key: It references the primary key of another table. It helps to connect your tables.

Transitive functional dependencies: A transitive functional dependency is when changing a non-key column, might cause any of other non-key columns to change.

Super Key: Is a set of attributes within a table…

This blog will give you samples of awesome new feature added since Java 7. I’ll showcase at least one major improvement for each Java version, all the way to Java 15 which was released in fall 2020. Java now fully supports lambdas, functional programming, type inference via , immutable collections with simple constructors, and multi-line strings. Moreover, there are exciting new experimental features like data classes (), and classes. Finally I’ll talk about the Java REPL which offers high value for quick experiments.

Table of Contents:

· Functional Programming (Java 8)
· Streams (Java 8)
· Optional (Java 8)
· JShell (Java…

Q: Describe yourself?

I am very disciplined and hard worker. I always try to go above and beyond what I work on.

Q: What do you do for work?

I work as a Software Engineer. I have deep interest in solving complex problems. Staying up to date on technology. Continuous learning is something I try to accomplish as much as possible.

Q: How did you become Software Engineer?

A: I always wanted to be a Software Engineer. I could always understand logic involved in writing computer programs. So I studied Computer Science. I took professional certifications in Java. Java certified…

Jochen Liedtke


  • It is believed that micro-kernel based systems are inefficient and not sufficiently flexible
  • Liedtke shows and supports by documentary evidence that inefficiency and inflexibility is due to improper implementation, and not due to the basic idea being unsound.


  • Kernel: part of the operating system that is common to all other software.
  • Micro-kernel: minimize the kernel (i.e. to implement outside the kernel whatever possible)

Micro-kernel concepts

  • Independence: Any subsystem S can be implemented in a way such that it cannot be affected or corrupted by another subsystem S’
  • Integrity: There must be a way for S1 and S2 to communicate using…

Default Ivy compiler

Improves the bundle sizes

Faster mobile apps

Allows for better debugging

Adds improved type checking

Faster Testing

Improved CSS class and style binding

Improved build errors

Enables the AOT compiler on by default

Selector-less directives in Ivy

Improved Internationalization (i18n)

The Phantom Template Variable Menace

More reliable ng update

API Extractor Updates

New options for ‘providedIn’

Component Harness

IDE and language service improvements

Typescript 3.7 Support

Default Ivy compiler

Angular 9 incorporates a change in the core structure of the entire framework. All the applications will use the IVY renderer as the default compiler. Apps built with IVY are more…

1. The Java Platform module system

2. Linking

3. JShell: the interactive Java REPL

4. Improved Javadoc

5. Collection factory methods

6. Stream API improvements

7. Private interface methods

8. HTTP/2

9. Multi-release JARs

1. The Java Platform module system

The defining feature of Java 9 is an all-new module system. When codebases grow larger, the odds of creating complicated, tangled ‘spaghetti code’ increase exponentially. There are two fundamental problems: It is hard to truly encapsulate code, and there is no notion of explicit dependencies between different parts (JAR files) of a system. Every public class can be accessed by any other public class on classpath…

Component Test Harnesses

Updated Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support

TypeScript 4.0 Support

Webpack 5 Support

Moving to ESLint

Updated Language Service Preview

Other Changes

Component Test Harnesses

Component test harness allows tests to interact with components using supported APIs. This was first introduced in Angular 9. These APIs have the ability to interact with components in a similar way to end-users and tests can insulate themselves against the changes in the DOM.

At that time, this mechanism only supported Angular material. But with the latest release, a Component harness is available for all components.

Updated Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support

Hot Module Replacement is a mechanism that allows modules…


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